Timothy Holtslag:  I believe what Natasha is talking about is that the painting is 'self destructing' or falling apart. I can see that this could be a problem.It appears there is a lot of glazing and layering going on.

 There are many factors in 'building' oil paintings and they all have to be accounted for.

Glazing processes are some of the most difficult to manage. I agree Natasha, your work is wonderful, especially this piece.

It is a shame to loose it, but like a house, the foundation it rests upon are ultimately very important.

I would study the chemistry of your bonding layers and find someone who may be able to help you in this area.

( perhaps a professional 'restorer' ) Luckily we live in a digital age where we can capture the image itself,

however you do ultimately want to figure this out because of course the painting itself is worth more than the image. Good Luck.

Natasha Marson: Thank you all for your kind comments. In this case I did it deliberately,

just because it was not good enough for me. My friends knows, that I am not keeping works,

if I am not satisfy. They saying ,keep them all . Put them away.
I am trying .But the force of self-distraction sometimes stronger. I will carry on
painting ,anyway......!

Ellen Galeski:  don't destroy, it has a "LIFE' to it.

Barry Altman MD:  Your skies are amazing. Keep up the good work!!!

Sally Warlick: Yeah, why destroy it? Its a beautiful work.

Lena shugar : I keep all my work even scribbling, and then I look at them months later and see them in a new light. Try it!

Charlene Mueller : It looks like the beginning of Genesis 1:1 and following. I really appreciate it.

Jean James :  Love it...it will find its own path to many people you should be proud of it and yourself......

Bruce Burningham : Nice atmospheric piece. Reminds of early American romantic landscape art.

JAMES K NELSEN : very good keep it.

Timothy Holtslag : Well in that case ..... Burn it ! Only fire can reproduce the energy from hence it was born !

Bob Minnick : This is a beautiful piece. Keep working.

Elizabeth Stoneback : Your painting is very dramatic. Really cool.

Maria MStabile : It is a nice painting,light and tons of colors,atmosphere and the sky.

Tao Sigulda : gostei

Gabriella Morrison : Why post a photo of a painting which you say you intend to destroy? If that is not your intention, but you have expressed your query in an awkward manner, how is one supposed to comment with heart and sensitivity, and with honesty?

Baudilia Peralta : Tu arte subrealista es muy bello

NONI Ruth Daniels : Hi, you would sell this readily in Australia. I have no commercial interest in this company but give them a go bluethumb.com.au there seems to be a lot around selling paintings these days particularly in my country as we do not have art galleries, well very few in Australia.

Lovelia Vera de Vathyam : Perfect!

Cindy Walker : oh, your painting does speak to the ancient, eternal light...so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Natasha. Hold on to it...its inspiring to the viewer...!

Lani Shepard : From your statement, I take it that you do not know why it is being destroyed at this gallery. Is this still true? I know there are many ways to duplicate digital images.

Lani Shepard : I just checked the gallery, and it appears to belong to your with an image copyright. I don't understand the situation. Is there a website administrator that is going to destroy this? Do you not have the digital form saved anywhere else?

Lani Shepard : To add to my comments above, I think the atmospheric perspective using in your landscape paintings is beautiful.

Ashot Baghdasaryan : Отлично

Colin G Campbell : I hear pictures with blue in them sell better!

Duy Hiep Nguyen : It Beautiful as a dream in soul me

Bert van den Auwelant : NICE SKY

François Terriez : Crépusculaire....

Agnes Majola:  Like

D. Bori Z. : skor ko tarner Like

Bill West ****excellent!

Anne Cecilie Røgeberg : I saw your galleri and I like this one for the best. A comment abow is that paintings in blue are selling easier. That is also the situation in Norway. Here people have been afraid of black and brown and yelow. But always that blue for some reason are selling . But dontt think about it. This is just a comment !

Antonio Luis Palacios :  Me gustaría poder leer este cometario en español. ¿Cómo podría hacerlo?

ART QUAKE KYOTO : The meandering sky brings a sense of peace

Hella Hermans Gouder de Beauregard : -beautifull light

Peter Falotico : You are welcome to join our 1770 international artists at Facebook Group: Art has given me

Ingmar Sillius : Why would you destroy this ? I like how you love the light and try to capture it.

Janell Bennett : It's very beautiful and I do like that it isn't a cliche' blue sky. I can feel this atmosphere. It is very successful painting.

Ashish Gor : Beautiful. .

Natasha Marson:  Thank you very much for all your comments .I am really appreciated . All I can say, that you gave me the strength to continue my painting work. In the end of day,
we need to share ...My regards .

gwilym hughes : Very deep and moving, reminiscent of the Symbolist painter, Odilon Redon. One can become too close to a painting and blinded to its qualities, as is obviously the case here-as your fellow painters believe it to be a very resolved painting indeed. Well done!

Christine Conreen: I really like this piece

Antonio Díaz-Cortés : I wouldlike to know yhe yechnique and the zise of your painting, And...¡ Very Beautiful ¡

Natasha Marson :Very appreciated for your kind comments, dear Cynthia..

Farshad Sanaee : Mystic Emotion Style !!!!! Beautiful !!!! For you https://youtu.be/Iil-Tn2Qu9U

JAMES K NELSEN:  real nice

Michael Yano  Aloha,Wonderfully and serenely painted space and light. I'd like to see more, if you'd like.

Jessica Beringer : Very Pretty!!!!!

Brian LaSaga:  I love the dramatic red light breaking upon what seems to be the ocean or maybe land. This adds some strange and intrigue beauty to the image. The light in this work just seems to burst through the clouds. Nice work !

Candace Taylor : Epic!

Lucy Davila : It´s a pity to hear that the piece is being destroyed, because it is very nice, all the light that comes from the sky to the earth through the clouds, it´s beautiful. Really nice work.

Ron Hodgdon : Why, how is it being destroyed? For what purpose? By whom?

Knight sherring : Forget the painting (which is good) I want to know the story as to why it is being destroyed. I have read the cover, now I want to read the book.

Steven Emmons : Excellent work , composition and color are well executed.

Margit Zsedely : Your playing with the light is magnificent!

Natasha Marson:  It is always the story behind the painting ,and this is sad one. I am putting all of me in each of my work . I am watching they are growing , becoming better or worse every day. I like to see them perfect in my perspective . If they did not mach my standards ,they have to go .NO BAD PAINTING. May be too cruel ,don't know.
I am following my heart . But after reading your very kind comments , I think,
I will make similar composition . Thank you for your support !

Ravi Arupa : It's a wonderful composition. "Ancient Light" is modern light.

Kathryn Swart : It is sad to destroy something so beautiful. What is perfection and does it really exist? I think not.

Ghazi Riman : Such a magical and mysterious atmosphere. awesome art 😊

Knight sherring :If possible, no artist should destroy their work. I have just spent the last 6 months revisiting paintings that I thought were finished 7 years ago, they are finished now, but if they are still in my studio in 6 years time I might have to take another look and finish them again.

Timothy Holtslag : Only the artist has the right to intentionally destroy their work. Sometimes an artist must destroy a work before it destroys them !

Daniel Lopez : Time is the judge. I have come back a couple of years after finishing a work and found it lacking. I which case I redo it or simple start over.

Tony Palmer :When you say the work is being destroyed-FOR SOME REASON, it sounds as if you don't know WHY it is being destroyed. Does that mean you have used experimental techniques to achieve it, that haven't worked together? If you have used one media, OIL or ACRYLIC, for instance, with modern paints there's no reason why it should start deteriorating, unless in a very damp environment. Your expressive execution of the light reminds me of Turner's paintings, well done, but I don't understand why someone who can paint that should find it mysteriously deteriorating!

lena shugar:  I think this painting shows the mystery of nature, it is a wonderful Image.

Sigrid Somers :Do not destroy any work of art -- I agree that it is a valuable trip back to re-see an old work and sometimes to 'improve' it, though every work is a sign-post as to where that particular artist was at that particular time. It's a road map of growth, learning, and change that is valuable in its own right. -- Sigrid Somers

foxey mccleay :Why , Really love your work, so why destroy it?

Ann Mitchell : are you influenced by Turners work You should look him up- I like your technique vigoras and soft ann

Duy Hiep Nguyen : Lifetime is a dream

Natasha Marson :OH, thank you to all your reflections and very kind comments. I like Turner of course ,but I am just following my heart .I need to find my own way .Actually, many year ago I visited exhibition of old masters and I really moved by Goya , and his great mystery to say so much in a simple small landscape . I have bad habit to destroying things ,not longer serve my soul .

Michael Berry :Natasha would you destroy these works if they were not done by you? :)

renata yz :super obraz

grete lis bibalo :why not try oy again ...you will come up with something digferent bit sødp beautifull...

Noemí Paviglia Niti :Natasha, es una obra muy sugerente que parce introducirse en un mundo propio de cada uno que lo mira
Muy buena técnica . demás me retrotrae a Turner, pintor inglés
¿cuándo y porqué la destrucción de tus obras ¿what happened ?

Duy Hiep Nguyen : It really lovely

vigdis elisabeth feldt :leave your work after having finished it. Done is done.

Van den Bossche Dennis :You can not destroy the image into your mind.

Ghazi Aana . Creative work
Thank you for your imagination
Greeting and affection

Timothy Holtslag :Destroy it before it destroys you !

JAMES K NELSEN no comment.

Gary Goldstein :Please watch the movie about the worlds greatest English marine oil paintings
J.M W. Turner
Also check his bio on Wikipedia Everyone will love this turn of the century biography of a wonderful British artist character .

William H. RaVell III : You have a beautiful painting

Sherry Prenevost : It is a beautiful emotive piece, Natasha. If you have it photographed you could create fine art giclees (reprints of the original). Thank you for sharing.

Hugo Dubon : As far as I can tell, the painting's physical integrity is fine, yes? And I see you wrote that if a piece doesn't meet you standards of perfection 'they have to go'... Well, there isn't such a thing as perfection, especially in art, otherwise you won't be happy with your work one way or another... Side note: good atmospheric treatment, as far as your emotional attachment to it, I don't like to comment on those issues as far as art is involved...

Jean James : Silly....be proud of it .....a creation is "gift "and obviously it was gifted to you......

karolyn slader:  Your painting is wonderful!!!!!

Robert Colcutt : Good work - reminds me of turner.

Al Jirikowic :very plain

Rcayang 楊教授 Intriguing clouds and colors, I like it!

Rodney Scherer: I'd throw in Goya's dog

Alex Oliphant : Natasha, this work is emotive and moving. Excuse my ignorance, but don't understand why or how your works are being destroyed. I will explore your Facebook and gallery sites for more insight on your situation.
Whatever challenges you may be facing, do not give up on your unique artistic vision.

Ingrid E. Albrecht: This painting really involves the viewer into what is being portrayed. You have made us stop, look and think! BRAVO!

Nick Gebbett : I really like it and maybe its the orange thats putting you off I understand what you mean though I have made paintings in the past and then recycle the stretcher by putting some new canvas on .It sounds like you are still searching for original art.

Nini de la Torre . Turner palette. Art is for the artist the process of painting. Not the final piece. That is just a Polaroid of our experience

ANNE-MARIE BORGELIOEN : There is a reason you paint 🎨 what you paint ! It is what you feel ! Is that wrong !? No it's a moment of truth about you ️😊🌟

Charlotte Franzen Ciaraldi : Indeed one must stop and be really present to feel the full impact of this painting. I am looking forward to exploring more of your work and also curious why the piece is being destroyed.

Jessica Castrodad :  I really enjoy looking at this, I bet its even better in person.

kim ledee : Reminds me of William Turner's work somewhat.

Frans Commelin : it's beautiful and at the same time it has this ''haunting'' quality.

Misha Douglas : No Mather what anyone saying my dear COLLEGUES as long as you believe in yourself you will get to the TOP of the WORLD .Great potential - needs a bit of TUNING - in time we will be proud to call you ; COLLEGUE ARTIST .

francois Michel beausoleil Wow! just perfect!

viktoria major : wonderful!!!! great tonal values!!!

Natasha Marson: I am truly moved ,after reading your such a kind comments. I do not know what to say. I am glad, that I found the way to express myself through the painting . I am also glad that you found something interesting for yourself and you like what you see . I shall be very grateful ...I wish you happy Marry Christmas and the best wishes from me.......

Rosa Pereira . beautifull work

Deborah Zarrett : Please do not destroy... I really see so much in your painting and the title is so appropriate.

Barry Altman MD . WHY is it being destroyed???

Myriam Cuneo:  I like the apinting very much, go on

Karen Brailovsky : Looks like a Rembrant perfect light colour and shadow love it.

Karen Brailovsky : Big hug happy new year.
Never let go of your dream you are extremely talented.
Never forget who you are.
Lovely work!!!!!!!

Deborah Born : Lovely piece..please keep.

Brian King :Yes.

Duy Hiep Nguyen Not have what are important

Van Howell :Not bad at all; what's your problem? Just keep cranking them out and after a while you'll be amazed at what you've got. Fussing over each one you finish and then getting waves of self-doubt is the road to madness... The self-doubt IS important but to serve its purpose it has to be inseparable from CONSTRUCTIVE self-criticism. Each picture doesn't have to be a cosmic statement, alpha and omega, otherworldly, awesome... don't forget to play around a bit... art can't be all work, or all prayerful ritual; trite as it sounds, there has to be a wee trace of having fun lurking within the seriousness!

Shakun Maheshwari : very nice love the colors and the feeling past is done now move forward and paint more

Paula Koz .Make more, don't destroy. This is how Picasso worked. Dissatisfied? Do more, call it a series. Then you have volume, evolution...a visual diary.

Cynthia Horn : It does look like Rembrandt influence. Should be proud..a definite keeper.

Catherine Smith : Very nice work, love the colors and the softness of your brush strokes.

Gordon Meggison:  yes paint more it IS the only solution the new ones inform issues with the old ones, which is a zen thing, usually too much attachment to outcome on one piece

Donna Rose .i saw 15 people coming down from the light some full bodies but most just faces, if you can paint like this all the time, you will be an amazing artist to be reckoned with. keep it up

Cynthia Walburn : Your work is beautiful, I guess it is beyond my understanding why you mean by being destroyed? The paintings on your website are all very, very nice.!

viktoria major :the coloring sets a nice, soothing mood...

Nirupama Sibal :Great job done! Sell if you don't want to keep it.

Neda Komadina : Very nice!

olav thune : the light is life

Jörge Noronha : amazing light and athmosphere

Vlatko Zimmer .Upotpunosti likovno dobro urađena slika, mislim da sam ranije dao komentar, super je.

Harry Spenkelink :Nice work, well done.

Natasha Marson :Thank you indeed for your kind comments, I am really appreciated !I am not fast painter ,because I am living through my work ,putting in all I have .But I am painting, no matter what is happening in my quite messy life.

Richard Sheils : very turneresque.

Misha Douglas If your life is MESSY - don't let your paintings to be the same as you are ( Keep up a good work in time you might be a FAYMOUS ARTIST ) I like it .

Jo Baker :Very atmospheric. You mention it is being destroyed. Are you using light fas

Jo Baker :Posted too soon, accidentally. Are you using light fast, good quality paint? Are you displaying it in a place where light might be damaging it? Well done for continuing to work despite a messy life. I've no doubt your persistence will pay off and hope the mess resolves itself.

claude Maisonneuve . Turner not dead !

Lucia Vocht :heel mooi

Natasha Marson :Thanks a lot for your comments. Answering on previous question : I am not using fast light and my paints are high quality. I can skip on food, but not on art supplies. Art is my life , may be my excuse of existence .Joy or pain of painting process keep me alive. It is true .