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foxey mccleay : Very much love the color and brush work.

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Natasha Marson : Thank you very much for all your super kind comments! I am glad ,you like it. That is all ,one artist can ask for, appreciation ! Wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Erinn Davies : Thank you! It is wonderful :)

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Natasha Marson : Thank you for your response and kind comments! I have more works to show from my collection of "spices", slightly different stuff from my main subject - landscape paintings. Best you all!!

Ashish Gor : Very beautiful... work of art.. Dear Natasha,.. Merry Christmas and a great new year to you too...

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Feels like a waking dream if that makes any since at all?

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Bea Garth A dreamy fireworks with hazy figures in this constellation. Nice work!

George Edwards .Looks neat, I like abstract with the suggestion of a figure! Except for Rothko.

What medium is it? Photography? Painting? (wait a minute, women are from Venus...men are from Mars...?)

Natasha Marson : Hehe, not necessary.. In my experiences, If you know ,it will be revealed sooner or later. Medium-photography. May be I will make a painting as well. Thank you for your nice comments!!

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Ingmar Sillius : By the way, it's almost Easter. Christmas has long gone.

marie-christine messeant magnifique ! bonjour à tous et à toutes .Je suis nouvelle et aimerai vous faire découvrir mon savoir faire .Je suis amateur et autodidacte https://www.facebook.com/M.cri62/?ref=bookmarks bien à vous