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  2017, August -September  

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  INTERVIEW WITH  NATASHA MARSON.mp3   -   July 2017, Alicante, Spain.

Jaap Van Kluijven      

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  2017, August  
Poster for show in Tokyo

The artist Natasha Marson, presents to the  public her Virtual Art Exhibition "ENCLOSED SPACE : MEDIEVAL ADVENTURE”, in Tokyo, Japan ,series of her art works .
The author takes the viewer beyond reality, into the intriguing world of mystical images reminiscent of pieces of mosaic carefully crafted by her imagination, reminiscent of many years of work.
The viewer is offered his own research and interpretation of these works.

  2017, June - July  


7- 30 of July 2017


  2017, March  
sunset in red by natasha marson


   "SUNSET IN RED" ,oil painting by Natasha Marson.

This is only small painting, 40x40cm, oil on canvas. Somehow happened, sunsets are my favorite subject and I love each of them.They are newer boring, never the same and you can find lots of information , watching the sun goes down... Comments: What professionals saying:

Bill West : very nice Natasha Marson...

Cheryl Holub : Beautiful! Intense! The scale seems much larger than it is . It demands space from which to observe. I actually felt the color vibrate with energy in my eyes!

Natasha Marson : Thanks! I am so glad, you like it. Have to minimize myself for time being , but dreaming of painting on really big canvas.

Karen Chrisco - KC's : Creation This painting has gorgeous transition of the colors of oranges and reds. Beautiful!

Davi Faustino :Super ..

Viv Neuder : Ohhhh ....

Helma Cauberg :Nice!!

Esther Okehi .I really like your painting Natasha. The mood, the colors

Patrick Duffy Well done! Sunset are counter-intuitively difficult to portray realistically, but you manage to evoke reality here... It does remind me of sunsets after a volcanic eruption...

Vesa Peltonen I like the concept, but with such bold red to darker below, it would be a much more dynamic expression if it was large, like at least 4.5' by 4.5'. Abstracts in my view need to be to big, then there's more room for texture and for colours to be seen through other colours.

Sally Warlick I too love sunsets. This is really dramatic. Nice job capturing it!

Sally ML Beautiful!

patrick ohanlon very nice

Michael Torres Quite lovely! ~ Your palette creates a nice mood, your application of paint has energy, and the composition carries the viewer effortlessly across the canvas. Nice!


Mike Sandler Wow, gorgeous

Duy Hiep Nguyen I don't know it hot over

lena shugar The heat at the end of the day! excellent!

Michelle Silverman This is beautiful and inspiring! Great work. Beautiful.

Deedee Kombol miniature ? like the red but not the grey pink beginning the foreground

Cherryl Pape Your painting deserve Honors!!! Small is every bit as good as big.

François Terriez Chaud et vaporeux - hot and smooth atmosphere !

Gabrielle Ange Sagnier Beautiful Work

Nichole Donjé oh my gosh, this is gorgeous.

Barry Altman MD Absolutely lovely!!! The colors are so real I can feel the fading heat of the sun!!!

Harry Spenkelink nice!

 Frans Commelin wonderful glow

Loretta Medeiros Great mood to the picture keep painting

Nathalie Gribinski profound...

Cheryl Holub Thank you, Natasha. " Red sun at night sailors delight!" Rich and Majestic!

diana francis Natasha, "Sunsets" are magical. I always admire them in their secret world. Really, what happens to them, where do they go.? It conjures so many thoughts in one's eye to explain." Sunsets" are magical. Natasha as your skill and creativity is there in it's glory for you to share.

Guy Wellman i never replay to anyone's as I just like to look at paintings but I love this one!

Michael Oldroyd Very nice work, I like it!

Len Cicio Yes Natasha sunsets are never boring when executed by an artist with skill and you did exactly that! Stunning

Donna Morrison Wonderful! I love the atmosphere

Georgia Taylor very nice

Natasha Marson Thank you all for your kind comments! I am trying to understand non-understandable ,what is it so attracting in the sunsets. They are never the same, and it is some sacred message they carrying. I am just watching and admire .


  2017 , February   
I would like say special THANKS to everyone for your
comments on my posts. I am really apreciated and value your opinions.
  2017, January   



 "ANCIENT LIGHT" by Natasha Marson

I would like to share my oil painting " Ancient Light" ,2015. It is one of my many works, being destroyed for some reasons. I know ,I can make it again ,and even better, but it is no point repeating yourself...


Comments: What professionals saying : 


 + 158 139

Cynthia Willett:  Lovely paintings! So soft and atmospheric. I especially like "twist" and "Eve".

Rosetta Epifano:  Ethereal and expressive ..,,splendid!

Günter Pusch : great work, strong atmosphere, reminds me a bit of W. Tuner, compliments, but why destroy it?



      Woman from Mars by Natasha Marson "WOMAN FROM MARS" by natasha marson       
Hi , everyone!
This is my Christmas present for you.
Happy Marry Christmas and New Year!
Best wishes from the woman from Mars!

What professionals saying ,comments:    

Rosetta Epifano: Supernatural....and awesome!

Candace Taylor :  I'm transported!

Natasha Marson :  Thank you! I though, may be it is time to get out some of "individuals" from my photo collection.

Bill West : awesome creativity Natasha Marson!

Angela Simms : Mystical and stunning!!!

Duy Hiep Nguyen : A work art awesome together color

Barry Altman MD : I love this work. Colors are fabulous and "transporting". Have a great Holiday!!!

Katarina Jovanovic : Natasha, great work! Very powerful! Happy holidays!:)

Sevil Kilinc : Very very good ! Colors and light very beautiful!


  2017, January   



I have started working on my new serial of landscape paintings, trying to explore new horizons

with the open mind and vision,

which can help me to improve my skills and connection with higher, myself.

I am not in a hurry anymore and I am definitely not selling my paintings next to nothing.

Also, I am offer for sale high quality prints on canvas or photo paper with the guaranty,

which is more affordable for art lovers. I am planning to carry through my open art studio week in February

and get ready for an art exhibition in spring time!

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  2016 , December   

  "BLUE LAKE" by Natasha Marson.

                                                                 Published on November 9, 2016

This is my recent painting "Blue Lake" , 40x40cm, oil on canvas.

Just wanting some fresh air ,fresh start one more time...

Hope, you like it.


Mireya Cabrera :  I really like it! Thanks for sharing.…

Antonio Vega:  almost like a black hole on the flip side…

Tyr Jung:  Hi! It looks nice on my cell phone, but hard to say what it really looks like in realtime at it's a full 16"x16." And it could be my phone, but I'm getting an image that appears to be more like a 8"x16" rather than a square. I like the contrast between the warm and cool neutral tones, the balance of light and dark, and the proportions lock the work into a harmonious unity. Keep on painting! To paraphrase Stephen Sondheim... There are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when we leave this world if ours, children and art!…


BLUE LAKE by Natasha Marson copyright  
"blue lake", 2016, oIL pAINTING ON CANVAs
  2016 , March - April   

Exhibition of Landscpe Paintings by NATASHA MARSON

29th of March - 9th of April 2016


Local artist Natasha Marson is to exhibit a collection of

landscape paintings  at Galería Marque,Javea.In her work,

 the artist shares her passion for nature and the beauty of

Spanish landscapes.

The gallery will waive its commission on all works sold;

instead a contribution will be made in aide of local charities.

opening night of exhibition

This exhibition is in support of the local charity Cerebrum.


The aims of Cerebrum

The goals are: To normalize the lives of people with physical or

cognitive  acquired brain damage in their everyday lives;

· to improving their quality of life and that of t

in the workplace.

heir families;

· to create awareness and reinforcement of their rights

and those of their families;

· to provide appropriate answers to their needs


cerebrum logo gallery
gallery 2

"Beautiful,haunting work -such a keen,profound sence of light,   atmospheric, haunting and calming all at once.Thank you!"

                                               - Megan Ken             6.04.2016

"Very good!"                          -Victor Grochev       www.misteriks.com

"Fabulous paintings. "                        -Ann & Rod Jeffs       6.04.2016                                                                                 

"We walked into an oasis and calm.Delightful."   -A.c Hutes       9.04.3016

"Thank you for a very nice exhibition."         -Lisbeth & Jorgen Pedersen

"Really impressive exhibition,love your work,many congatulations."

                                                                       - j.Renom          6.04.2016

  2016, February  

 Collective exhibition "Nuevemilquinientos dias y uno mas.."

             19th December-24 February 2016, 

 IB Isabel Bilbao galeria 


  2015, December  
museum     Art Exhibition "Country Walks" by Natasha Marson

at Museum Soler Blasco, Javea

Exhibition runs from 13th November to 13th December 2015.

Museum Soler Blasco, Carrer Primícies, 1 , Javea

Poster/Cartel of exhibition(PDF)

just a dream

Taking inspiration from varieties and beauty of the surrounding nature and studying its changes the author uses it to express fusion of feelings and emotions, explore the way to create illusion of space.

“The nature as complex entity possesses a magic possibility, force to recreate and provide us with all necessary for life.

Being connected with the nature, the spirit restores our balance and serenity, refills our energy, giving us great joy of life”.

                                                             -Natasha  Marson

 REVIEW : by Isabel Bilbao

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