Become the Artist´s  Art Patron !

Art Patron - can serve an individual artist in a couple of different capacities, including a one-time commission to longer-term financial support.
Long-term patronage is as much a question of creating time for the artist to work as it is for space or materials. For this purpose, patrons often
assume day-to-day
or monthly expenses as reasonable considerations.

If you like the
artist's art works and you wish to participate in the creative life and work of the artist, support her creative projects, please
email us for more information about how to get involved

Find the place in your heart to help an artist , give her a chance working on art projects and share it with the world - and you will enjoy artist·s

gratitude and rewards.

You will get:

-  Rights of first buyer with the good discount scheme ,

-  Rights to display your name and logo on marketing materials for exhibition

-  Official title “Angel”, displayed on my web site, with  your permit.
-  Personal exhibitions and Open Studio invitations
-  Invites to meet artist, curators, consultants and media
 Art work sales with 10-20% discount
 Website branding and thank you.

The amount you give is completely up to you.

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please feel welcome to contact me in the way and time, you prefer.

I would be more than happy to hear from you .

  Would you like to become an Artist's Patron?
Please fill out the form below.

You may also e-mail us:   natashamarsonartist@gmail.com 

You can donate to support artist´s work.
Your charitable contribution will help carry through the next artist´s project.
Please, send notification to: natashamarsonartist@gmail.com

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